Friday, June 26, 2009

Our backyard!

Wildflower Garden!!!

Wildflowers we planted over a month ago are grwoing all around the crazy old ivy tree... all the green stuff up there are the wildflowers! You can't really tell from this picture but they are really pretty! We just got a big bag of inexpensive wildflower seeds from Lowe's -- they were a certain kind that makes a butterfly garden, and we have tons of butterflies now!!

We tried to plant vegetables in the brick-lined garden on the ground level but the soil was really bad... so we dug it all up and planted wildflowers in there last week! They are starting to grow LOTS already!

Butterfly garden wildflowers!

I like these tall pink ones! There are also really pretty tiny blue and white flowers... and some nice yellow flowers too (it looks like a dandelion in this picture, but it's not one!)

Wildflowers surrounding the crazy, dead, ivy-choked tree!

Left to Right:
mesclun greens -- we had our first salad from these on Monday, and I think we will have enough for another one this weekend! It has taken them a few months to get this big
tomato and pepper plants -- we started these ourselves from seeds!

green beans -- we started all the veggies in this little plot from seeds ourselves!

wild flowers -- these are just starting to sprout! we planted this patch last week

Green beans!!! These are growing so well, and the beans just started appearing this week... I think we will be able to eat some beans in the next week or two!

This is our vegetable garden on the otherside of the backyard. We planted it all in a raised-bed where there used to be some dying monkey grass. These are pepper and tomato plants we bought a few weeks ago from the farmer's market. They are doing well so far, and hopefully we will get some good peppers and tomatoes from these! We also have some basil that we started from seeds growing around these plants.

Another patch of butterfly wildflowers. The guy who maintains the yard for our apartment building thought these were weeds and weed-wacked them a few weeks ago, before the flowers had any blooms. So now they are really short wildflowers, but they are starting to bloom!

Container Garden on our porch!

We have had the best time trying to beautify this. We got the flowers in the galvanized steel panters (planter are from ikea) from Lowe's. The purple ones are heather, and I can't remeber what the yellow ones are. We started the three green bean plants in terracotta pots ourselves from seeds. The tomato plant in the terracotta pot we also started from seeds... we are excited that it is growing so much!!! In the herb pot in the back right corner we are growing green onions and cilantro, all started from seeds. The terracotta pot up on the bench is full of basil which we also grew ourselves from seeds! It has been really fun watching everything grow! Lots of the vegetables, like the peppers and tomatoes we started inside back in March.

This is where we eat when the weather is nice! Now that out porch is green and spruced up, it is really relaxing out here, especially in the evenings when there is a nice breeze. In the pots up on the ledge we are growing lots of herbs -- basil and cilantro. I have about 10 friends with June birthdays, so I have been painting pots and filling them with basil and cilantro plants as gifts. We also got the rosemary plant right behind the table on sale at Lowe's from $2! We made rosemary chicken with mushrooms, potatoes, and onions last night -- delish!!!

The back porch!!!

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