Friday, October 15, 2010

Boats and Ice Cream

Snack time.  Superman ice cream was a big hit.

My second day volunteering was great, minus not being able to catch a bus and then walking and getting caught in a massive rainstorm. Luckily I had my rain coat, but I was still soaked. When I finally found a bus, the driver wouldn’t let me get on because I was too wet. Fabulous. I arrived at school 30 minutes late looking like a drowned rat, but no one seemed to mind.

I watched as Mrs. M reviewed sight words with the students. Somehow, we even got to have students demonstrate bowling in front of the class. We also had a girl/boy bubble wrap popping contest. Then I helped students finish their work writing sentences and letters. Once they finished their work, students were supposed to work in their workbooks – but sadly, only a few students actually had the workbooks they were supposed to use, and the teacher didn’t have access to a photo copier. Chaos.

One student asked me where I was from:

Me: “Virginia, in the United States.”

Student: “Oh yeah. I saw you on a boat.”

Really? I don't think so little friend.  Hilarious.

The kids are precious. They are so sweet and most of them really want to learn. They have excellent manners and wear the cutest uniforms.  They are always smiling.  Especially when they can buy ice cream cones for snack.  The little girl on the far left managed to get 2 ice cream cones.  You can imagine how the rest of the day went...

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