Thursday, October 14, 2010

Delicious Dinners

I just returned to the Bahamas with all kinds of delicious items from home that are unavailable here -- Trader Joe's goodies (Mom, you are THE BEST), Lance snacks and chips (thank you Uncle Chris), and delicious Virginia grits (merci beaucoup Sarah & Andy).  Inspired by this loot, along with food magazines I drooled over in the airport (gracias Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart), I have been dominating our kitchen and having fun playing chef.  The school where I am volunteering happens to be right across the street from one of my favorite grocery stores (Thompson's, the one with really good meat and seafood), so I have been cooking some delicious dinners.  Charlie is in heaven (minus the constant studying and ginormous exam tomorrow).

I picked up some fresh shrimp and softshell crabs and have been cooking away...

Last night I cooked softshell crabs the way my parents have always expertly and perfectly cooked them: soaked in milk, lightly coated in flour, and fried up in a little butter until golden and crispy.  Sides:  wedge salad with iceberg lettuce, blue cheese, bacon, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette; and mashed carrots (steamed carrots mashed with a fork, with butter, honey, and chili powder mixed in).

Tonight I made saucy shrimp and grits (I used fresh shrimp instead of frozen and added a cup of cooked frozen spinach at the end).  Easy and yummy!!!!

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