Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bahama Mama

If you want some entertainment in the Bahamas, just ride the bus. While my mom was here, we took a quick jaunt on the bus to yoga class. I called Peter, who drives the public bus that he operates like a taxi but for bus fare. You call Peter and he will come pick you up at your condo and take you where you want to go, door to door service, for $1.25. So Peter picked us up, and immediately, the fun ensued.

Here is the conversation that he had with my mother. True story.

Peter:  Heyyyyy!!!! You a Bahama Mama. You know about Bahama Mama?

Mom:  Hi Peter! Umm…. yeah, I’m a Bahama Mama.

Peter:  Bahama Mamas got dark skin and braids. You gonna get some braids while you here? Yeah, braids! You be lookin’ fine wit some braids.

Mom:  Ha. Umm, I don’t think so, Peter.  No braids for me.

Peter:  Dat’s what you need! Braids and a big booty. Bahama Mama’s got a big, BIG booty!

Mom:  Okay, Peter. Okay.

Peter:  So Mama, where you from?

Mom:  Virginia.

Peter:  You got that accent. I knew you from somewhere like that. Next time you come to da Bahamas I need you to bring me something, okay? Can you do dat? Bring me something?

Mom:  Sure, Peter. Anything for you. What do you want?

Peter:  Moonshine! Bring me the biggest jug you can find! Da good stuff.  And da strongest stuff.  Lots and lots of moonshine.

Mom:  Moonshine!  Well Peter, I don't know about that, but I'll see what I can do. 

Peter:  Yes, bring me da best moonshine.  When you get to customs don’t you tell ‘em it’s for me. I don’t need us both in lock-up.  Den who will drink da moonshine?!?

And then we went to yoga.  A little craziness, then a little meditation.  All in all, a good afternoon.

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