Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hurricane Names

My mom is coming to visit this afternoon -- Charlie and I are so excited!!!  We needed to do some serious grocery shopping prior to her arrival, so this morning I took a taxi to my favorite grocery stores (the far away away ones from grocery store trip #1 -- I wasn't feeling up to circumnavigating Freeport by foot/bus/random vehicles/etc. today, so I splurged on a taxi).  I told Queenie, the driver, that my mom was coming today and she insisted on picking her up from the airport.  "Give me her phone number and write down her name... I will call her and tell her I am coming to pick her up!"  Thanks, Queenie.  So I wrote down Mom's name and cell number on a post-it and handed it to Queenie.  She took a long look at the paper and then exclaimed, "KATRINA!!!  Your mom's name is Katrina!?!  Like the hurricane!  Oh my.  Bahamian men won't have nothing to do with her."  Hopefully mom won't be too disappointed!


  1. Hi Clare, love your blogs. We miss you and Charlie. I can't wait to hear Bahama stories from Katrina. luv Monica

  2. Hi Clare, we miss you and Charlie. Love reading your blog. Can't wait to talk to Katrina about her Bahama trip. I know y'all had a great time. xoxo Monica