Sunday, August 29, 2010

Come visit, but do bring your yacht!

What's the only thing crazier than seeing one yacht in the harbor?  Seeing TWO yachts in the harbor, like we did last night. 

Both had mysterious flags:

...and one was bearing the provenance Jaluit, M.I.  Charlie and I racked our brains but had no clue what that meant.  We got home and did a little wikipedia research, and discovered that M.I. stands for Marshall Islands, a group of islands in the Pacific off the coast of Japan.  Crazy.

We got home and also googled the names of the 2 yachts we saw, and sure enough, we saw photos, got the specs, and learned everything there was to know about the 2 yachts we spent our entire dinner discussing.

So here they are.

First, the less-spectacular of the 2 yachts (what a ridiculous thing to say -- I mean, it's a YACHT!  But it seriously is dwarfed by the grandeur of the next yacht... just wait, you will see.):

Lady Andrea is a 103 foot yacht.  It's quite nice inside, but it's a yacht, so we can be snobby about it:  Charlie and I both decided that the inside is really not our taste.  Charlie noted that, "It's a little dated."  Well said, Charles.  You can rent it for a week for $29,500 for  2 – 6 passengers, or $34,000 for 7 – 8 passengers.  It comes with waverunners, jetskis, fishing gear, 1 kayak, waterskis, and a wakeboard.  But no jacuzzi.  If I am renting a yacht, I think I'd like to have a jacuzzi.

And now, moving right along to our personal fave, infamous Yacht #2:

The glorious Mystique.  This yacht as actually a "mega yacht" and is the real deal.  166 feet.  Apparently it is often featured on some crazy yacht show.  Charlie and walked by this yacht many times, peering in the windows as much as we could.  It is sweet.  It also has 3 other boats that come with it -- 2 21' jet boats and also a 48' fishing boat. 

The Mystique with its 48' companion fishing boat to the right

And of course wave runners, kayaks, wakeboard, fishing gear.  Plus, there is a pool/jacuzzi on the top deck.  It comes with a crew of 10 people (including the captain and chef), and can also accommodate 10 guests.  In 2008, the yacht was for sale for $14.9 million.  You can rent the Mystique for $120,000 to $140,000 a week.  What a steal. 

Oh, the crazy lives that some people live!!!!

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  1. haha, I love your yacht-stalkage! Glad to see that you and Charles have good taste!