Saturday, August 28, 2010

I was sitting outside of Charlie's school yesterday, waiting for him to meet me after he finished studying for the day.  I had walked over to school in the heat of the day and done an hour long pilates class, so I was pretty pooped.  As I was sitting on the ground outside, a little girl was toddling around with her mom while they waited for their ride.  She was precious and did some showing off, grinning and lifting her shirt as she passed me.  When they reached the end of the sidewalk, they turned around and walked past me again. 

My little friend must've thought I looked especially comfortable -- or  exciting -- because she came and plopped herself down next to me, grinning and mimicking me with her legs stretched out and her hands in her lap for about 15 minutes.  Her mom pretended to leave her, but the little cutie didn't care, she just stayed right there with me and grinning.  After a little while she got up and ran over to her mom.  But a few minutes later, she was back, sitting next to me, just like me, for a bit longer.  Finally she had to go, but not without a little toddler tantrum. 

She loved me.  And I love her.  I wanted to take her home with me; I don't think she would've minded.

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